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CarpetKeep It Clean is the premier carpet cleaning company for the greater Sacramento area. Here at Keep It Clean we feel that carpet steam cleaning is the absolute best way to renew a carpet and keep it lasting longer and we are expert practitioners. Unfortunately, carpet damage is inevitable and it accrues in several different ways over time. Steam cleaning is a process that is specifically designed to reduce and/or alleviate these major causes of carpet wear. Also, by having your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis you will not only prolong the life of the carpet and keep it looking like new, but you will also greatly reduce the existence of allergens like mold, bacteria, dust mites and more.

Keep It Clean uses a carpet steam cleaning process that can be both gentle or aggressive depending on the situation, so you need not worry about it causing any extra wear or damage. The steam cleaning process begins with a natural cleaning solution that is mostly water. The steam cleaning equipment simply heats up this water based solution to a very high temperature and then pushes it deep into the fibers of the carpet through a specially designed nozzle as it is converted into steam in the process. To be most effective, we make sure that we get the cleaning solution all the way through the fibers of the carpet to loosen any dirt that’s settled there. Then the combination of the heat from the steam and the natural cleaning solution weakens the adhesive properties of the dirt and breaks it free from the fibers of the carpet. The dirt and cleaning solution are then both extracted from the carpet with a very high-powered vacuum that leaves the carpet clean and fresh again. By applying the cleaning solution as steam and removing it quickly, our process avoids the damage that other cleaning methods can cause.

The carpet steam cleaning process that Keep It Clean uses is a very effective one for removing dirt and eliminating most common stains. If there happens to be an older stain or one that is more embedded in the fibers for some reason, a pre-treatment may be used to help solve that problem. In such cases a more aggressive cleaning agent may be applied to the carpet in the affected area to treat the stain before steam cleaning. This pre-treatment solution will help to break up the stain and make it easier to remove. We apply this special solution and process on an as needed basis and it too is removed in the steam/vacuuming process.

An additional benefit of having your carpets professionally steam cleaned by Keep It Clean is that it can help disinfect your floors at the same time.If you have pet challenges/urine or other bodily excrement we have the ability to take care of it as well as neutralize the odor. The high temperature of the steam and solution will help neutralize mold, mildew or bacteria that has established it’s self in your carpet or padding. Keep it Clean steam cleaning not only helps to stops these threats to your health in their tracks, we can also help eliminate the odor they may be causing. Then it is removed along with the cleaning solution and dirt/grime in the vacuuming process.

Steam cleaning by Keep It Clean helps restore that natural plush of a new carpet to your worn one. Over time a carpet can start to look flatter in certain areas due to excessive traffic, pressure, and dirt or dust build up. Wear patterns can begin to emerge in areas of the carpet that see a lot of use that standard vacuuming alone can’t cure. The gentle cleaning action of our steam cleaning process followed by a strong vacuuming helps to restore the vertical alignment of the carpet fibers and can appear to reverse years of wear with a single cleaning. If you think your carpets could use such a cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact Keep It Clean. You’ll be glad you did.